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Quick Fix – Issue #56

Hello Everyone and welcome back to Quick Fix! Hope you enjoy; Love, Castiel Gutierrez, Wiktoria Mampe Ashley Brooke Robbins, Shari Jones, Lauren Lei

Let’s Talk, Cas! Absent Love Update!

Hi everyone, So, I'm currently writing Chapter 9, yes, I have begun writing! And I'm trying to pick a better cover! What do you think? These are the three I'm choosing from: Leave a comment below or message me to... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #46

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's issue of Quick Fix! We hope you all enjoy! Love, Castiel Gutierrez, Wiktoria Mampe, Jodie Barber, Shari Jones

Lets Talk, Cas! Wattpad Update!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas! As some of you will know, I have been deciding whether to post my books on LLLRanting or Wattpad. Well, I have decided to continue posting on Wattpad, this is due... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Why I’m Leaving Wattpad~

Hello everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas! So, as you'll all know I am leaving Wattpad. I'm not deleting my work off of there, but there will be no more new parts/chapters or story going on there as... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! A Few Changes…

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Lets Talk, Cas! Today I would like to talk about the changes that will be happening on LLLRanting. I, Castiel, will no longer be publishing on WattPad – this is because their systems are horrific, their... Continue Reading →

New Writers! New Look!

Hey Everyone and Welcome To The New and Improved Live, Love, Laugh Magazine Blog! So, due to the new staff that we have been taking on I thought, why not give the magazine a new look! So, the normal format... Continue Reading →


  Hey everyone! So, its July and its the day before release! It is going to be released at 12:00am GMT!Which means that its only 7 hours away!Who is excited?! I know I am! Here’s this month’s Cover!   So,... Continue Reading →

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