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Midweek Mornings

How I wake myself up on a Midweek Morning. #Charity #LGBT #MentalHealth


Trump's Twitter account got suspended! 😀 But also reinstated against community standards... 😦

Quick Fix – Issue #65

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's issue of Quick Fix! We hope you enjoy; Love, The Live Love Laugh Ranting Family ♥

I Think We Have Grown… Let’s Keep Growing!

Hello Everyone, Some of you have asked - Why have you stopped doing Happy Days yourself? Well, don't worry - you'll get your answer soon enough! However, before that time comes - I would like to share out basic stats... Continue Reading →

Happy Thursday! Social Media – Cyberbullying Vs Opinion

Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday! So, as a lot of you will know Social Media is basically taking over the world – whether its Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, we are losing more and more people to the emotionless technology that... Continue Reading →

We Now Have A Wattpad Account! New Job Openings!

Hello everyone, Cassy here! I just want you to know, we are now using Wattpad! We've been trying to set it up for a while, and we just hadn't gotten around to it but I got it done today! We... Continue Reading →

Top 15 Stupidest Tweets Of Today!

Reminder! These are not all from today, these are tweets that I found today! I hate stupid people… 😦

Top 10 Stupid Celebrity Tweets!

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