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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile




An image to use against people who think Cis-splaining is okay... #LGBT #Transgender #Transphobia #NonBinary #Charity

Be Saintly

Amore takes us through how to be Saintly. #Charity #LGBT #MentalHealth

Joshua Sutcliffe – Digging a Hole Bigger Than the Original.

A Teacher is complaining about being charged with misconduct, after misgendering a student...

“Why do the Left use language like that?” (NSFW)

Castiel talks about the abuse he's faced and Anna Soubry. #Tories #NSFW #Hate

Signs of Winning An Argument

Amore takes us through how to know you've won an argument - and how to piss off our Founder.

LGBT+ Fiction

Around five years ago, I came out as Queer - this was a big step for me, and it changed my fiction! I began writing My Mate when I was fifteen. My Mate was about a Lesbian couple, one being a Vampyre and... Continue Reading →

A Message From Carvaka

As most of you will know, it is LGBT+ History Month, and we have been reached out to by a store called Carvaka who is an online retailer of adult toys. They have a message of support for the celebration of the LGBT+...


Bridge - to make a stucture over something to pass it.   WARNING: Strong language, talk of Depression, Self Harming, and Religion is in this article. I swear a f*cking lot. If you don't like it, feel free to skip... Continue Reading →

Pride Week – Day 1 – Butterfly Pride: Issue #32

Hello everyone and welcome to Pride Week! Kicking off Pride Week, we have a special edition of Butterfly Pride! In this issue we cover inspirational people, sexualities, and genders. We hope you enjoy, and if you need us, you know... Continue Reading →

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