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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile



Living As Me

"I was ready to end it all, then I started to live" ~Castiel #LGBT #Transgender #NonBinary

Flash Fiction: She Is Broken

#FlashFiction about #Abuse, #Suicide, and #Addiction written by Amore Kasey #Charity #LGBT

The Failing 111

The NHS 111 call-line is failing suicide victims; and people respond by victim shaming.

Review of Reaching Danny

Book review of Reaching Danny - book by Dorche Harris - review by Bryan Theo Mfhaladi

My Friend, Ray

Trigger Warning: This short story is based on true events. This piece talks through Depression, Suicide, and social stigmas. If you feel that this piece may upset you, please skip or proceed to read with caution.       He is... Continue Reading →

09. Quote of the Week

Happy Fridays – An Old ‘Poem’?

I've recently been quite pro-active and cleaning my room and my computers. And in doing so, I've found some old things and one of them I think I should share with you because I never did. So, here is my poem, if... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Pride – Issue #37 – Happy Third Birthday BP!

Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year that is 2017! This issue of Butterfly Pride is featuring a Guest Author, whose work is amazing! So, make sure to check out Eddie Domínguez' work in this issue! As usual, we... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #46

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's issue of Quick Fix! We hope you all enjoy! Love, Castiel Gutierrez, Wiktoria Mampe, Jodie Barber, Shari Jones

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