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Happy Thursday! Live Love Laugh Ranting is “Anti-Christian” Says Commenter.

Hello everyone and Happy Thursday! So, this week we got a comment threatening our organisation. "You're Anti-Christians, you think all christians are bad! People should report you! You're going to hell for butt-fucking." Oh, my god! That threat though! -... Continue Reading →

Happy Tuesday! How To Apply For A Job – Email Etiquette.

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday! Now, I have had a lot of emails over the past month, as we have been advertising for more writers. And, honestly, some of the emails we have received have been so stupid. Here are... Continue Reading →

Oh, My God… Excuse Me? – Stupid News Reports

The media tend to make everyone look a specific way. Teenagers are all violent thugs who do drugs. Homosexuals are devil spawns who rape people. Men are sexist pigs, females are feminist bitches. British people are racist, Americans are racist.... Continue Reading →

Happy Tuesday! Stupidest Pick Up Lines – DO NOT USE THEM!

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! So, after a long line of stupidity in Photography today. I have learnt two things: 1. DO NOT WATCH SALAD FINGERS! 2. DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING PICK UP LINES! If you have ever used... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone and Happy Monday! I know, it's been so long since the last proper article, i am so sorry! I would have written if I could have! So, I know you're probably wondering, "What was the fault?" Well, remember... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday! Congratulations, You’re A Moron!

Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday! "So, how much does this position pay?" "Is this a paid position?" "When will I get paid?" As most of you will know, we are a non-profit organisation who work to help, inspire and entertain... Continue Reading →

One Week Till Easter! Egg Hunt? “Health And Safety…” FUCK OFF!

Easter is a special time for a lot of small children. Why? Because it's the surprise that kids love. Going into their gardens and through their house and trying to find the colourful little eggs that represent Easter. And now,... Continue Reading →


Let's Rant is being released 6 hours early today, due to it being linked to today's Happy Days article. I hope you enjoy. Love, Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX

Losing Faith In Humanity…

"What does the "Hayes Code" got to do with the "Motion Picture Production Code"?"… They're the same thing…. And these are some more idiots for you! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! I hate stupid people…. Who agrees? Comment below! Hope You Enjoyed.

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