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Reborn Baby

Our Baby is a Reborn.

Dear Sir or Madame, Let me explain why our baby, is still a baby, even though you tell us he's not. Almost 5 weeks ago, our little boy arrived. He came in a little, fleece, cow onesie; with a tiny hat; a... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Bertram Has Arrived!

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! I'm sorry for not writing on Wednesday and yesterday, I had an exam on Wednesday and I was waiting for Bertie to arrive and he has! (As you can see from the photo above!) So,... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Children~

  I've been asked on many occasions why I have a reborn. "Why do you have a doll?" "Don't people who have suffered a miscarriage use them?" "Why should you have one? You don't need it." Well... the reasoning to... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! My Little Boy~

As you may know, yesterday I announced that I will be getting a little reborn baby boy! I had two sculpts to choose from and I have chosen this little sweetheart (as shown above)! He's getting made, he won't look... Continue Reading →

Reborn Babies~ (UK Only)

Hello Everyone! Here are the adorable, affordable babies that are in the UK! So, here they are! They're super adorable and I love them! If any of you buy one of them, please share the news and share some pictures... Continue Reading →

Reborn Babies~

Hey Everyone! I have been become rather obsessed with reborn babies - reborn babies are dolls that look so realistic people think you've actually had a child (which is currently whats happening to me as mine is on her way!)... Continue Reading →

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