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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile



The Reality of Mental Health

Each #reality is different - fight the #stigma that #MentalHealth is a #OneSizeFitsAll! #Charity #FightTheStigma #LGBT

Mental Health Tuesday With Wik

Let's talk about self-care. -Wiktoria

Working Environment

A working environment is crucial - but I'm not in one suitable.

How To Help Someone With PTSD Things people need to know about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: It's not a disease that Soldiers have, others who have been through traumatic events can also have it. It can cause Night Terrors and Somniphobia. This is not a case... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Mental Health: Conflict in the Mind

One in every four people have a mental health problem. [1] The most common mental illnesses are: Major Depressive Disorder: 2.6 out of 100 Anxiety Disorder: 4.7 out of 100 And no, it's not imaginary, we ALL have a mental... Continue Reading →

What Fatshaming Did To Me.

Giant - a 'measurement' of size, and indicating to how big something is compared to something else.   WARNING: This is a small rant about Fatshaming, and things that I've been through due to it - mentioning my Bulimic years... Continue Reading →

Banned For Being Bullied

Banned - something which is forbid.   In high school, I was bullied a lot due to my issues. Whether it was my mental health, my physical health, and my disablities. One problem that I had on numerous occations was... Continue Reading →

Mental Health and Art

I have suffered from mental health issues for over a decade. And after 11 years, I have finally been officially diagnosed! I've been suffering from Depression since the age of 7, Anxiety since the age of 8, Insomnia and PTSD... Continue Reading →

My Art Attempts~

I used to be really good at art, whether it was drawing or painting, I was good at it! Until I stopped and now that I've gone back to it I'm finding that I need to relearn everything I've done.... Continue Reading →

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