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Leeds Pride 2018

Police Officers volunteered for Pride. But according to the Bigots of Facebook, it was a waste of money (even though no funds were spent)... I wonder if they feel the same way about Football matches... #Pride #Police

Butterfly Pride – Issue #41

Our new issue of Butterfly Pride.

The ABC’s of Gender

Gender is something that is ever changing. Although, the gender spectrum has been around for a long time. There are still a lot people who don't know and/or understand because either they don't get explained well in media, or no one has... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #13 (7th August 2015)

Hello Everyone and Happy Saturday! Here is last weeks issue, once again, I am sorry for the delay! Friday's issue will be out tomorrow and August's issue will be out on Monday! We hope you all enjoy! URL: Thanks... Continue Reading →

Leeds Pride: Comments Aimed At Pandie and Myself.

Explanation: Pandie (Jordan) and myself went to Leeds Pride this year and here are some of the comments we got (We got these comments because we looked like a heterosexual couple, which we are and aren't all at once, this... Continue Reading →

Happy Pride!

A great day, and it's only just begun. Just remember, if you're having a bad day, we're here for you! Contact us through email, commenting or Facebook. We'll always be here for you. We'll help you get to were you... Continue Reading →

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