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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile



The Everlasting Wait…

People are going abroad for all kinds of treatments... Can you blame him? #NHS #Wait

The Taxpayers and Drugs

How Taxpayers are paying twice for medication. #NHS #Overpricing #BreastCancer

Diabulimia – End The Stigma

Diabulimia is the most dangerous eating disorder, taken too lightly by too many. #EndTheStigma

The Failing 111

The NHS 111 call-line is failing suicide victims; and people respond by victim shaming.

Lets Talk, Cas! ‘Soft Targets’ – NHS~

For some people, an operation is needed in order to get back in the game and start losing weight, getting healthier, etc. However, the NHS is starting to Deny or Delay common operations until people lose weight or stop smoking...... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Deadlines~

Whether you're working or studying, there are always deadlines. I am currently facing many! I have 10 pieces of work for Unit 30 in ICT. I have 6 pieces of work in Unit 9 in ICT. I have a book... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday! Don’t Start Dying Until Monday Morning!

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday! A study has been published in the British Medical Journal this month about the mortality rate of people who go into hospital on a Weekend! This has been talked about before due to the stupidity... Continue Reading →

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