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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile


Mental Health Stigma

Dear, Self.

Dear, Self. A heartbreaking story about the turmoil caused by Anxiety. By Lauren Robbins

High Production, Low Stress

How music can make you less stressed and more productive. ~Castiel

I did a thing…

I was on the radio for the first time, and here are the mistakes I made!

Quick Fix – Issue #86

Hello, everyone! Here is this week's issue, we hope you enjoy! Love, The LLLRanting Family ♥

Happy Fridays: I dyed my hair again! (Review Time)

I love changing the way I look in non-permanent fashions - by that, I mean I like screwing with my hair. I recently got my hair cut, and I'm not talking about a simple restyle....... I got 20cm (8 inches)... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds of Silliness

I'm usually a very careful person due to being rather phobic of white coats (Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses, etc). But on Sunday, I had a moment of Silliness caused by being under pressure, lacking sleep, and just forgetting how heat works.... Continue Reading →

15. Quote of the Week

Quick Fix – Issue #86

This week's issue of Quick Fix!

Happy Fridays: Some Good News

More Radio News.

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