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Media Studies

Lets Talk, Cas! Deadline Update~

I wrote, a couple weeks ago, that deadlines were closing in and creeping me out a little and making me worry... Well, I can't lie! I'm still slightly worried but I'm doing better! Why? Well, those are my deadline (in... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Mock Exam Time…

Hello everyone and welcome back to¬†Lets Talk, Cas! We all get tested regularly at college and high school, right? If you don't you're extremely lucky because today I am sitting an exam for Media Studies - it's a Mock Exam,... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday! A Lack Of Organisation.

Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday! On Monday I found out that my Film Studies teacher, David, was not happy with me being in Film Studies. This is not because i am a bad student, but due to failing my exam... Continue Reading →

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