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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile


Major Depressive Disorder

Don’t Tell Me To “Cheer Up”!

"Depression isn't just a condition; for some, it is like a ticking time bomb. So treat it like one." -Robyn #Depression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #CheerUp #Charity #Love #Care #LGBT

What Depression Feels Like

"My performances are stunning, you can’t see it’s a facade." - Robyn Gabriel #LGBT #MentalHealth #Depression #Support

Mental Health Tuesday With Wik

Let's talk about self-care. -Wiktoria

Working Environment

A working environment is crucial - but I'm not in one suitable.

My Friend, Ray

Trigger Warning: This short story is based on true events. This piece talks through Depression, Suicide, and social stigmas. If you feel that this piece may upset you, please skip or proceed to read with caution.       He is... Continue Reading →

Trendy Mental Illnesses

Warning: This article talks about mental illnesses and disorders. It also talks about how society is using mental health as their new trend for people to feel special. This article is aimed at the people wanting a mental illness/disorder to be... Continue Reading →

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