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Waking Up He, She, or Ze

"It’s a running joke with a friend of mine that, my gender depends on which side of the bed I wake up on." ~Castiel Gutierrez #LGBT #Dysphoria #NonBinary #Love #Comfort

Quick Fix – Issue #74

Hello everyone and welcome to this issue of Quick Fix! From now on, we will begin producing Quick Fix every week!  We hope you enjoy! <<< Click the cover to the left for this issue! Love, The LLLRanting Family ♥

My Body, My Rules

Warning: Bulimia, Body Shaming, and Swearing are within this article. Proceed with caution. For a long time, I've been self conscious of my weight and appearance. And at this point in my life, I've gotten to a stage where I've... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Mental Health: Conflict in the Mind

One in every four people have a mental health problem. [1] The most common mental illnesses are: Major Depressive Disorder: 2.6 out of 100 Anxiety Disorder: 4.7 out of 100 And no, it's not imaginary, we ALL have a mental... Continue Reading →

What Fatshaming Did To Me.

Giant - a 'measurement' of size, and indicating to how big something is compared to something else.   WARNING: This is a small rant about Fatshaming, and things that I've been through due to it - mentioning my Bulimic years... Continue Reading →

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