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Leeds Pride 2018

Police Officers volunteered for Pride. But according to the Bigots of Facebook, it was a waste of money (even though no funds were spent)... I wonder if they feel the same way about Football matches... #Pride #Police

“We can’t afford it!” – University’s Mental Health

Universities in the UK keep telling us how they can't afford to have more mental health support... After using their funding for some ridiculous things...

LGBT Splatters

I love paint, I'm LGBT+, and I made these ages ago... Here they are:      

A Little Behind

I've been working a lot, ill, and doing some stuff. So, bare with me while we get caught up on posts. Sorry for the delays ♥

Game Time: Rust | Part One | With Panda

Game Time: Rust | Part One | With Panda #Gaming #Gamer #Survival

Come as Yourself: Volume Two Released!

The Second Volume of the Come as Yourself Anthology has now been released! #LGBT #MentalHealth

Gaming with Cas and Panda

Castiel played Move or Die. Did he die or win? #Gaming #YouTube #Gamer

Come As Yourself: Volume Two

We're working on some minor issues...

Gender Birthday!

What is a Gender Birthday/Genderday and why is it important?

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