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Quick Fix – Issue #80

This week's Quick Fix issue - enjoy 🙂

09. Everything Goes Omelette (GF/LF)

For the past 8 recipes, I've been making main meals. So, today here is a lovely breakfast item! Omelette is yummy and is a dish that can have almost anything in. And this one, specifically is my Everything Goes Omelette. So,... Continue Reading →

08. Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie (GF/LF/EF)

These two pies are some of the most favoured in the UK, and although they're similar there are subtle differences. One of them being: Cottage Pie is Beef Mince, while Shepherd's Pie is Lamb Mince. However, I will quickly say... Continue Reading →

A Message From Carvaka

As most of you will know, it is LGBT+ History Month, and we have been reached out to by a store called Carvaka who is an online retailer of adult toys. They have a message of support for the celebration of the LGBT+...

07. Veggie Chow Mein (GF/EF/LF)

Chow Mein has been one of my favourite meals for a long time, and with my gaining allergies, I have had to find a way around them in order to continue eating my favourite foods. So, here is my Veggie... Continue Reading →

Lush – What do you think is Lush?

What do you think is Lush? Here are my top 7 lush things. Open the article to find out more!

1. Spring Writing Contest

At LLLRanting, we love finding new talent! So, we are now hosting trimonthly writing contests. This contest starts on February 9th 2017 and ends April 24th 2017. Now for the who can enter: You must be over the age of... Continue Reading →

To Be Heard – LGBT+, Muslims, and Terrorism.

WARNING: This article discusses Racism, the KKK, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Rape, Terrorism, and Donald Trump. This article is written by a Crybaby Snowflake Leftie, as named by the Republicans. If you're a Conservative - you might want to just skip this article. Have... Continue Reading →

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