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End of Year Review: 2016

Hello everyone. For those who don't visit us often, my name is Castiel. I have been quite absent this year and there are reasons for it but I'll keep those for my blog (I will put the link at the end... Continue Reading →

How To Apply For A Job~

This is something people get wrong or right, and it often depends on how confident you are. As someone who often handles the application area of LLLRanting, I can tell you what makes you successful in your application attempt. So,... Continue Reading →

Happy Tuesday! How To Apply For A Job – Email Etiquette.

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday! Now, I have had a lot of emails over the past month, as we have been advertising for more writers. And, honestly, some of the emails we have received have been so stupid. Here are... Continue Reading →

We Need Writers! Do You Need A Photographer?

Hello Everyone. If you've read this week's Quick Fix, you'll both see and know that we need more writers! At the moment, between myself and Lauren, we have no more writers! That's it... So, if any of you want to... Continue Reading →

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