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High School

A Small Snippet

Castiel talks us through his Dyslexia and how a disability can be an ability. #Charity

Education and Mental Health.

WARNING: This article talks about Female Hysteria, Depression, and Mental Health within the Education system and if students are safe. Mental health problems have been on the rise over the past three to five years according to mental health specialists. However, it's... Continue Reading →

Say No To Bullying. I recommend listening to this ^ while reading the article. It's remarkable how so many schools, and places of education and comfort, suggest that 'teasing' is a part of life, and it doesn't become bullying until the victim takes... Continue Reading →

Smoking and Children

Smoke - A visible supsension of carbon, or other particles, in the air; typically emitted from a substance burning or from the act of smoking.   Over a year ago a law in the UK was passed to stop people,... Continue Reading →

Banned For Being Bullied

Banned - something which is forbid.   In high school, I was bullied a lot due to my issues. Whether it was my mental health, my physical health, and my disablities. One problem that I had on numerous occations was... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday! A Lack Of Organisation.

Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday! On Monday I found out that my Film Studies teacher, David, was not happy with me being in Film Studies. This is not because i am a bad student, but due to failing my exam... Continue Reading →

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