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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile



Don’t Hate! Appreciate!

Talk about a fruit cake... What a missed opportunity for a joke... #LGBT #Humour #DontHateAppreciate

Man-Made Scenery

Some man-made structures are just beautiful; they leave me awestruck. #LGBT #MentalHealth #Charity

My OCD – Different Wiring

The effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. #OCD #MentalHealth #Charity

Be Saintly

Amore takes us through how to be Saintly. #Charity #LGBT #MentalHealth

“Why do the Left use language like that?” (NSFW)

Castiel talks about the abuse he's faced and Anna Soubry. #Tories #NSFW #Hate

Notice, Update, and Information!

Hi, everyone. Cas, here. We're currently having some technical difficulties meaning that we are now cancelling both Quick Fix and Butterfly Pride until further notice. We are hoping to continue with general articles, but they won't be uploaded as usual.... Continue Reading →


Bridge - to make a stucture over something to pass it.   WARNING: Strong language, talk of Depression, Self Harming, and Religion is in this article. I swear a f*cking lot. If you don't like it, feel free to skip... Continue Reading →

My Art Attempts~

I used to be really good at art, whether it was drawing or painting, I was good at it! Until I stopped and now that I've gone back to it I'm finding that I need to relearn everything I've done.... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Suicide~

Suicide - it is seen as a thing of beauty but really, its one of the saddest events that could happen in ones life. Having a family member or friend commit suicide, it rips a part of you out, destroying... Continue Reading →

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