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“We can’t afford it!” – University’s Mental Health

Universities in the UK keep telling us how they can't afford to have more mental health support... After using their funding for some ridiculous things...

Shutdown Number 2

The US is on shutdown... Again. #LGBT #MentalHealth

Education and Mental Health.

WARNING: This article talks about Female Hysteria, Depression, and Mental Health within the Education system and if students are safe. Mental health problems have been on the rise over the past three to five years according to mental health specialists. However, it's... Continue Reading →

Happy Fridays: Art Competition Closing!

Today is the final day of our art competition. Over the past four years of our being, we have hosted three art contests and we are happy to say that this is probably the best one yet. Due to the... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #74

Hello everyone and welcome to this issue of Quick Fix! From now on, we will begin producing Quick Fix every week!  We hope you enjoy! <<< Click the cover to the left for this issue! Love, The LLLRanting Family ♥

The Loss of Human Rights

Warning: This post is political, and talks about Human Rights in the US. If you don't want to read it, please skip today's post. Have a nice day. Human Rights are a key part of humanity. They tell us that... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday! Quick Fix – Issue #26

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday! Here is this week's article: URL: Have a Happy Weekend! Love, Castiel Gutierrez, Wiktoria Mampe, Ashley Brooke Robbins, Bryony 'Tink' Lewis, Jodie Barber, Maria Floyd.

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