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Monday Comedy: Innocence on the Internet

Some people are extremely innocent - here are a few examples. #Comedy #MondayBlues #Humour #Charity #LGBT #MentalHealth

“Why was this investigated?”

Amore Talks Science! #Science #WHYDIDWENEEDTOKNOWTHIS #WTF

Babies! Babies, Everywhere!

Amore tells us why she won't be having kids. #LGBT #Demons

Facebook Fails

My top ten Facebook Status Fails - By Castiel Gutierrez

Twitter Fails – Top 13

Elva walks us through her current favourite #TwitterFails. #Funny #Fails #LLLRanting #Trump

5 Fail Videos That Make Me Giggle

Wednesdays are tough. So let's have a laugh.

Lets Talk, Cas! Top 25 Weird British Slang~

Head Over Tit: This one means to 'Fall over'. Last Shake of the Bag: This means 'Last Child'.... Last shake of the bollocks which is basically what it means.... Wanker: Someone who masturbates, it can also be used as an insult... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Stupid Tattoos~

Hello Everyone and welcome back to Lets Talk, Cas! We all make mistakes... Especially Tattoo Artists. I have found my top 6 favourite wrong tattoos. By wrong, I mean ones that have spelling mistakes... Well, that just starts us off with... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday! Let’s Do Tampon Math!

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! Let’s talk about some stupid people, shall we? If you live in the UK, you’ve probably heard of Tampon Tax. This is something that is extremely pathetic, sexist and just overall stupid! So, let’s just... Continue Reading →

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