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Quick Fix – Issue #53

Hello everyone and welcome to this week's issue of Quick Fix! We hope you enjoy; take care this exam season! Love, Castiel Gutierrex, Wiktoria Mampe, Ashley Brooke Robbins, Bryony Amber Lewis, Shari Jones, Lauren Lei

Lets Talk, Cas! Deadline Update~

I wrote, a couple weeks ago, that deadlines were closing in and creeping me out a little and making me worry... Well, I can't lie! I'm still slightly worried but I'm doing better! Why? Well, those are my deadline (in... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #14 (14th August 2015)

Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday! I know this has been a bit of a strange month but I hope you can forgive me! Live Love Laugh will be out tomorrow at noon! I hope you all enjoy this issue of... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix Update!

Hello everyone and here is the Quick Fix update! Quick Fix is coming out in 3 Days, on Friday! It will feature Michael Barrett, only as a Guest Author due to him resigning as Co-Head Writer to move on to... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday! Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You’ll Fail!

Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday! So, something happened today which pissed me off extremely. I bumped into my old English teacher. Now, for some it would have been nice as a lot of A grade students liked her. However, if... Continue Reading →

New Writers! New Look!

Hey Everyone and Welcome To The New and Improved Live, Love, Laugh Magazine Blog! So, due to the new staff that we have been taking on I thought, why not give the magazine a new look! So, the normal format... Continue Reading →


  Hey everyone! So, its July and its the day before release! It is going to be released at 12:00am GMT!Which means that its only 7 hours away!Who is excited?! I know I am! Here’s this month’s Cover!   So,... Continue Reading →

Happy 100 Follows!

Need Someone To Talk To? Contact Me.

So, when people have problems I usually like helping. And I know how bad life can get if you have no hope for the future. So, I thought why not give you my details so you can contact me so... Continue Reading →

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