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Donald Trump

“It Wasn’t Me” – This is Hilarious!

James Corden and Shaggy have made a fabulous Parody!

The Bird to the Face!

Watch as a 3D Scale of Donald Trump gets hit in the face! - Robyn #LGBT #MentalHealth

Shutdown Number 2

The US is on shutdown... Again. #LGBT #MentalHealth


Trump's Twitter account got suspended! 😀 But also reinstated against community standards... 😦

Twitter Fails – Top 13

Elva walks us through her current favourite #TwitterFails. #Funny #Fails #LLLRanting #Trump

Just For Votes

Elva talks about Trump's little visit to one of the most Anti-LGBT+ groups. #Trump #LGBT

Hate and Against Hate

Castiel explains the difference between hate and acting against hate speech. #TakeAKnee #TYT

The Loss of Human Rights

Warning: This post is political, and talks about Human Rights in the US. If you don't want to read it, please skip today's post. Have a nice day. Human Rights are a key part of humanity. They tell us that... Continue Reading →

Women in America.

Over the past few months, as we come closer to the presidential elections, a lot of shit has been said and some of it is just completely outrageous. So, let me explain: Ben Carson suggested that women should be introduced... Continue Reading →

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