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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile




"Subtitles should be on EVERYTHING! They're not a distraction, they're a support." - Robyn #Discrimination #LGBT #MentalHealth

Discrimination in the Workplace (Poem)

'Discrimination in the Workplace' poem by Castiel Gutierrez. #Charity #LGBT #Transphobia

I Have News.

I have some news for y'all, and I must admit - it's quite awesome!

Quick Fix – Issue #74

Hello everyone and welcome to this issue of Quick Fix! From now on, we will begin producing Quick Fix every week!  We hope you enjoy! <<< Click the cover to the left for this issue! Love, The LLLRanting Family ♥

The Loss of Human Rights

Warning: This post is political, and talks about Human Rights in the US. If you don't want to read it, please skip today's post. Have a nice day. Human Rights are a key part of humanity. They tell us that... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #73

Hello everyone and welcome to this issue of Quick Fix! Enjoy! Love, The Live Love Laugh Ranting Family ♥

Butterfly Pride – Issue #37 – Happy Third Birthday BP!

Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year that is 2017! This issue of Butterfly Pride is featuring a Guest Author, whose work is amazing! So, make sure to check out Eddie Domínguez' work in this issue! As usual, we... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #72

Hello everyone and welcome to the last edition of Quick Fix until 2017! Yes, the final issue is here. We hope you enjoy it! Have a great winter holiday and remember to come back and visit us soon ♥ Love,... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Pride – Issue #35

Hey everyone and welcome to this issue of Butterfly Pride! We hope you enjoy! Take care, The LLLRanting Family ♥

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