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A Good Man Gone

A good man gone - we are in mourning. #Science #Hawking #Love

Damien’s Party Short Story

  As some of you may know, I'm a fiction writer. I love writing Fantasy and Romance, and it seems like my speciality is LGBT+ in that, too. So, here is a new short story called Damien's Party. It's about... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! Doctor Who – Clara Oswald (Spoilers)

Hello everyone and Welcome to Lets Talk, Cas! Over the weekend I have been rather ill and I'm still ill, and have been for over a year now... but this weekend it got a lot worse, forcing me to sleep... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday! Quick Fix – Issue #20!

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoy this week's issue! Enjoy! URL: Love, Castiel Gutierrez Wiktoria Mampe Lauren Lei Ashley Brooke Robbins Dalton Ewen

Happy Tuesday! Screw Weight Loss, Tone Up!

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday! I have put myself on a mission! Instead of losing weight, why not tone up? Basically, its almost impossible for my to lose weight due to constantly putting weight on in muscle! So, in an... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday! “Why Did You Attempt Suicide?” – This Is Why…

Hello Everyone and Happy Monday. For me today is pretty crappy! Besides the happiness that I had one Thursday, Friday and Saturday it was met with depression yesterday due to arguments and stupidity that just makes me feel useless. And... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday! We’re Making a Film Called The Effect Of Society!

Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday! We have decided to make a film! It will only be a short film, whether it will be 20 minutes or an hour long, we haven't decided yet. But I just want to give you... Continue Reading →

MiniZine – What Do You Want It To Be Called? (And Exclusive View of New Serialized Story)

Hello Everyone! Now, most of you will know that myself and other will be creating a Weekly, smaller version of "Live, Love, Laugh". And we need your help to name it! So, please comment below what you want it to... Continue Reading →


Let's Rant is being released 6 hours early today, due to it being linked to today's Happy Days article. I hope you enjoy. Love, Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX

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