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05. Quote Of The Week

Happy Fridays: Art Competition Closing!

Today is the final day of our art competition. Over the past four years of our being, we have hosted three art contests and we are happy to say that this is probably the best one yet. Due to the... Continue Reading →

Food Problems #3

Food can cause more problems for people than others think. And I'm in that situation. After several tests, I have officially being diagnosed with a Gluten Sensitive form of IBS which is also causing my Lactose Intolerance. The illness is... Continue Reading →

Quick Fix – Issue #74

Hello everyone and welcome to this issue of Quick Fix! From now on, we will begin producing Quick Fix every week!  We hope you enjoy! <<< Click the cover to the left for this issue! Love, The LLLRanting Family ♥

Leeds Pride: Comments Aimed At Pandie and Myself.

Explanation: Pandie (Jordan) and myself went to Leeds Pride this year and here are some of the comments we got (We got these comments because we looked like a heterosexual couple, which we are and aren't all at once, this... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Stupid Laws In The United States Of America!

Some laws are understandable… However, here is a list of laws that are just plan absurd! 10. Chickens Shall Not Cross The Road! - In Quitman, Georgia, some body in power has gotten sick of stupid jokes! "Why did the... Continue Reading →

Stupid Spam Comments – Why You Shouldn’t Just Give Your Email Address Away!

People, of ALL generations, usually sign up to something that is either a scam or just plainly... Not real! I, luckily, have never done this with my personal email address. However, I did it once, on purpose, to see if... Continue Reading →

So Many Comments! So Much Apparent Spam…

WordPress - “Hello Mrs Gutierrez, you have 170 comments marked as spam, would you like to view these?” Me - “Yes, please, WordPress!” … “WordPress… Only 10 of these ‘spam’ comments are actually spam…” Yes! WordPress decided to “spam” all... Continue Reading →

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