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Quick Fix – Issue #72

Hello everyone and welcome to the last edition of Quick Fix until 2017! Yes, the final issue is here. We hope you enjoy it! Have a great winter holiday and remember to come back and visit us soon ♥ Love,... Continue Reading →

Our Baby is a Reborn.

Dear Sir or Madame, Let me explain why our baby, is still a baby, even though you tell us he's not. Almost 5 weeks ago, our little boy arrived. He came in a little, fleece, cow onesie; with a tiny hat; a... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! ICT~

So, the deadline for ICT is Sunday... Which is ironic as hell considering I have just been signed off! I went to see my teacher after my lesson, with my other teacher, and found out that I had been signed... Continue Reading →

Lets Talk, Cas! A Few Changes…

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Lets Talk, Cas! Today I would like to talk about the changes that will be happening on LLLRanting. I, Castiel, will no longer be publishing on WattPad – this is because their systems are horrific, their... Continue Reading →

Happy Tuesday! A Tattoo With A Hidden Message…

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday! So, today I have an important story to talk about. Why? Because a girl, who was concerned that mental illness was not being taken seriously, got a tattoo. It's not that Tattoos are important, but... Continue Reading →

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