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Happy Wednesday! A Lack Of Organisation.

Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday! On Monday I found out that my Film Studies teacher, David, was not happy with me being in Film Studies. This is not because i am a bad student, but due to failing my exam... Continue Reading →

Some Weird and Wonderful News!

Hello Everyone, So, as most of you will know, Jordan came to visit me and he stayed with me for 6 weeks... Well, he went home last Monday... But before he did, he proposed! And... I said yes! So, we're... Continue Reading →

Lawnswood Crematorium – December 2014

A Grey Day With A Beautiful Rainbow

A beautiful rainbow from the 2nd June 2015, it was dull and horrid, but then there was the rainbow and it was just Beautiful. Camera Used: Nikon D3200 (DSLR) Sigma Marco 70-300mm lens 24.2 megapixels Sigma Lens Hood

2015 AS Photography Exam Photoshoot 5

The final photoshoot before the exam. These are not all of them, once again, only the best ones. Camera Used: Polaroid Bridge Camera – IE4038 18 MP 30 FPS Lens Type – Marco 40x Optical Zoom

2015 AS Photography Exam Photoshoots 1-4

From January to May, 2015, I shoot and produced 4 photoshoots which I used within my sketchbook and during my Exam. These are the photos that came out the best.   Camera Used: Polaroid Bridge Camera - IE4038 18 MP... Continue Reading →

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