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Tuesday Blues

Tuesday Blues... #Charity #MentalHealth

My OCD – Different Wiring

The effects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. #OCD #MentalHealth #Charity

Diabulimia – End The Stigma

Diabulimia is the most dangerous eating disorder, taken too lightly by too many. #EndTheStigma

Dear, Self.

Dear, Self. A heartbreaking story about the turmoil caused by Anxiety. By Lauren Robbins

Happy Fridays: My Dietician Visit

I sometimes struggle to try and find something to write about on Fridays because I want Fridays to be happy! After all, it's Happy Fridays! But today, I went to see a dietician, for my second appointment and I have... Continue Reading →

Trendy Mental Illnesses

Warning: This article talks about mental illnesses and disorders. It also talks about how society is using mental health as their new trend for people to feel special. This article is aimed at the people wanting a mental illness/disorder to be... Continue Reading →

How To Help Someone With PTSD Things people need to know about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: It's not a disease that Soldiers have, others who have been through traumatic events can also have it. It can cause Night Terrors and Somniphobia. This is not a case... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Mental Health: Conflict in the Mind

One in every four people have a mental health problem. [1] The most common mental illnesses are: Major Depressive Disorder: 2.6 out of 100 Anxiety Disorder: 4.7 out of 100 And no, it's not imaginary, we ALL have a mental... Continue Reading →

What Fatshaming Did To Me.

Giant - a 'measurement' of size, and indicating to how big something is compared to something else.   WARNING: This is a small rant about Fatshaming, and things that I've been through due to it - mentioning my Bulimic years... Continue Reading →

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