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Fighting Discrimination With Every Smile

Leeds Pride 2018

Police Officers volunteered for Pride. But according to the Bigots of Facebook, it was a waste of money (even though no funds were spent)... I wonder if they feel the same way about Football matches... #Pride #Police

We Happy Few – Season Pass and Sandbox

It's supposed to be released on Friday... Will it? I don't know... #WeHappyFew #Release #SeasonPass #Sandbox

“We can’t afford it!” – University’s Mental Health

Universities in the UK keep telling us how they can't afford to have more mental health support... After using their funding for some ridiculous things...

“Where did you go? You keep doing this!”

So, there's a few things I want to say: I'm sorry. I'm ill, and have been for a few weeks, hence no articles since the beginning of April, other than the odd exception. I will be okay, but I need... Continue Reading →

Love, Simon – Review

I went to see Love, Simon. And I think I may Love Simon... Before reading, watch the trailer:   I'm not going to spoil the plot for you, because there is no need. But, I'm going to say a... Continue Reading →

Getting Closer


Cute Animals

Vegetable Fried Rice

Hey! I miss having new recipes to upload for Foodie Mondays...because I honestly do love food but unfortunately, I either haven't come up with anything new nor can we post something that's already been published elsewhere unless we know exactly... Continue Reading →

Catch Up

We're playing catch up - it's gif time.

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