This is a yearly competition done the week before Halloween, the theme of the contest will be announced in August.

All nominations will be given 100 points for being nominated.

Third place will get 250 points.

Second place will get 500 points.

And First place will receive 1000 points.

The rules are as follow:

  • The only art that will be used is that, that has been nominated.
  • The artist has the opportunity to either let the nominated piece be used or be withdrawn from the competition.
  • At the end of the competition, a small fee of points will be given to each nomination that was used – this does not apply to those to withdrew.
  • There will be three winners, picked by our judges.
  • All art will be put into a DeviantArt Competition Gallery on for exposure of the artists and to show who won, the runner-ups and the other nominees.
  • All art will be shown as the artists, we do not take any recognition for the work or claim it as ours.
  • If we find a copyright issue with your work – if you used a template that isn’t yours to draw it or part of it is someone elses work – the nomination will be automatically withdrawn – However, the Artist can be nominated again for a different piece of work.Fan Art can be effected if the art was copied directly from the original! However, most Fan Art will be fine if it is an original design.

To Nominate someone for the 2016 DeviantArt Competition, fill in the form below:

This years Competition commences on October 19th and ends October 24th!

You can continue to nominate people until October 20th.


2015 DeviantArt Competition:

Winner: Starwarrior4ever

Jarida (Jack Frost and Merida)
Jarida (Jack Frost and Merida)

2nd Place: StormSongz

Panda Sunset
Panda Sunset

3rd Place: CatiliaGray

Harley and Joker
Harley and Joker