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Gluten Free

12. Vegan Bubble and Squeak (GF/DF)

This is a quick piece that can be used as part of a meal or as a meal. Here are the ingredients (list to the left). Method: Peel and dice your potatoes before adding them to a pan of water... Continue Reading →

11. Chicken Rice Salad (GF/DF)

A Chicken Rice Salad full with veggie goodness.

Butterfly Pride – Issue #39

Hello, everyone! Welcome to this month's issue of Butterfly Pride! We hope you enjoy;   Love, The LLLRanting Family ♥

09. Everything Goes Omelette (GF/LF)

For the past 8 recipes, I've been making main meals. So, today here is a lovely breakfast item! Omelette is yummy and is a dish that can have almost anything in. And this one, specifically is my Everything Goes Omelette. So,... Continue Reading →

08. Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie (GF/LF/EF)

These two pies are some of the most favoured in the UK, and although they're similar there are subtle differences. One of them being: Cottage Pie is Beef Mince, while Shepherd's Pie is Lamb Mince. However, I will quickly say... Continue Reading →

Extras: 01. Coffee Ice Cream (GF/DF/LF/Vegan Friendly)

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan Friendly, Homemade Coffee Ice Cream! Easy to make, easy to eat!

07. Veggie Chow Mein (GF/EF/LF)

Chow Mein has been one of my favourite meals for a long time, and with my gaining allergies, I have had to find a way around them in order to continue eating my favourite foods. So, here is my Veggie... Continue Reading →

05. Thai Red Curry (GF/LF/NF/EF)

This is my take on a Thai Red Chicken Curry. This is a spicy dish, do not eat it unless you can handle spice. Ingredients: tin of Chopped Tomatoes, two Bell Peppers (1 red, 1 green), two white onions, four... Continue Reading →

04. Chili Pork Pasta Bake (GF/LF)

I love spicy food, and I love pasta. So, I thought why not mix together two of my favourite dishes: Chili and a Pasta Bake. So, I here is what you're going to need! (This recipe is for a serving... Continue Reading →

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