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Writing Contests

Summer Writing Contest

The spring writing contest is over and done with and now, we're starting another to keep you all busy ūüėČ This contest has no genre but must have an LGBT+ theme, the theme could just be a LGBT+ romance. It... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Pride – Issue #41

Our new issue of Butterfly Pride.

Happy Fridays: Finding People Like You

Find people like yourself - you're not alone.

Our Spring Writing Contest

Entries must be in English. Click HERE to enter a piece of work.

My Exhibition

I love art and today was my second exhibition. It featured my classes work in a park on display to the public. I enjoyed painting the pieces, but the displaying of my pieces wasn't great due to running out of... Continue Reading →

A World Without ‘Women’

Warning:¬†This article speaks of Sexism. If you believe this may offend you, please skip the article or proceed with caution.     Take a look around you, look at how much women do in today's¬†society. For me, I have three... Continue Reading →

Damien’s Party Short Story

  As some of you may know, I'm a fiction writer. I love writing Fantasy and Romance, and it seems like my speciality is LGBT+ in that, too. So, here is a new short story called Damien's Party. It's about... Continue Reading →

1. Spring Writing Contest

At LLLRanting, we love finding new talent! So, we are now hosting trimonthly writing contests. This contest starts on February 9th 2017 and ends April 24th 2017. Now for the who can enter: You must be over the age of... Continue Reading →

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