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Mental Health Awareness Week

An Open Letter From Our Founder

Creative Content Makers Wanted!

Our art competition of this year has now past, and we are now working toward giving more artists, writers, and creators an opportunity to join us. We are looking to add five or more writers, artists, and creators to our... Continue Reading →

Happy Fridays: Weight Loss

Everyone sets goals in their life, and for me - I'm trying to lose weight and I have been trying to for a few years. At one point, I was trying to lose weight because I hated my body, and... Continue Reading →

01. Quote Of The Week

How To Help Someone With PTSD Things people need to know about Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: It's not a disease that Soldiers have, others who have been through traumatic events can also have it. It can cause Night Terrors and Somniphobia. This is not a case... Continue Reading →

Say No To Bullying. I recommend listening to this ^ while reading the article. It's remarkable how so many schools, and places of education and comfort, suggest that 'teasing' is a part of life, and it doesn't become bullying until the victim takes... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Pride – Issue #37 – Happy Third Birthday BP!

Hello everyone and welcome to the New Year that is 2017! This issue of Butterfly Pride is featuring a Guest Author, whose work is amazing! So, make sure to check out Eddie Domínguez' work in this issue! As usual, we... Continue Reading →

 Click the worksheet (to the left) to open the PDF and download it.

Click the worksheet (to the left) and the PDF will open so you can download it.

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