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Kyrena Lynch

I'm a 24 y.o. woman from New Zealand, currently living in the UK with my parents and siblings. I graduated from my local college in NZ with a Diploma in Beauty Therapy in early April 2017. I design posters and book covers in my spare time as well as write stories, both fanfiction and original, and poems; I published my first poetry book on Lulu on the 25th of October 2017 and have taken part in a few anthologies.

Figuring It Out

Sometimes, it's hard to figure stuff out...the only thing set in stone is the past, you never know what you're doing in the future and plans never survive first contact...with anything. Life before my family moved to the UK was...easy,... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Fried Rice

Hey! I miss having new recipes to upload for Foodie Mondays...because I honestly do love food but unfortunately, I either haven't come up with anything new nor can we post something that's already been published elsewhere unless we know exactly... Continue Reading →

Easter Goodies!

Hey Everyone! I love Easter...not just because it's the time of year you can gorge yourself on chocolate but because it symbolises growth and new beginnings. It's also a sign of Spring being in full-swing...well, usually anyway; you never know... Continue Reading →

Glasses? Talk About Expensive!

"Why are glasses so damned expensive?!" - Kyrena #Glasses #EyeHealth #Expensive

Short Story/Poetry Contest

Short Story and Poetry Contest! #LGBT #Writing #Charity #MentalHealth

Movies vs Books: Howl’s Moving Castle Trilogy

Kyrena talks about the Moving Castle Trilogy... #HowlsMovingCastle #LLLRanting #Charity #LGBT #MentalHealth

Spicy Chicken Strips (GF/DF/LF)

Spicy Chicken Strips - the perfect recipe. Written by: Kyrena Lynch.

Story Time: Leviathan City

Story Time! -Kyrena ♥

Electrolyte Drink (GF/Vegan)

Let's have a drink... -Kyrena ♥

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