In our years of working with, and helping, people with mental illnesses we’ve noticed one key thing that aids a healthy coping mechanism – Creativity. People with a mental illness often use creativity, art or content to help their mind cope with what they’re going through! And it is one of the best medicines, next to Laughter.

Because of this, we have been hosting an Art competition each year for as long as we’ve been running. But now, we’re taking it one step further.

We will no longer be having a DeviantArt Competition.

Why? Because that’s not broad enough!

We want anyone, and everyone, to get involved, no matter the skill set or the ability.

Because Art doesn’t have to be drawings or sketches. It doesn’t even have to be still.

Art is everything – Art is Illustrations, Animations, Photography, Textiles, Fashion, Painting, Sculptures, Architecture, Digital Drawings, 3D Design, Photoshop work, and there is so much more!

So, from now (2016) we will be taking EVERYTHING! Not just from one platform.

All you have to do to enter is to email or message us on one of our Social Medias, a photograph or copy of your work (you don’t have to send us anything in the post, you just take a photo of a physical piece of work like a traditional drawing, collage, etc, and send the picture via the internet to us).

And, you don’t have to send it instantly! You could talk to us about your idea, and send it to us a couple months down the line – it’s up to you.

The Winner of the competition will have their art featured on the front cover of Butterfly Pride in the following issue after the closing date!

There will be two runners-up, they will be featured inside of the magazine, along with the Winner. You will be able to write a message or even a little about yourself along with your art telling people who you are and where they can find more of your work!

So, take care,

We hope to see your awesomeness soon.

For the 2016-2017 Competition details click HERE to find out the last hand in date, and the announcement date.

Click this image to go to the 2016-2017 Art Competition Leaflet
Click this image to go to the 2016-2017 Art Competition Leaflet