Have a passion for writing and want to do it Monthly? Or even Weekly?

Here is your chance!

Apply to be a Quick Fix Weekly Writer or to be a Live Love Laugh Monthly writer!

It all up to you and you can choose your topics that your comfortable with, we won’t force you to write about anything boring.


Requirements –

Must be over 16,

Must speak fluent English (It doesn’t matter where you’re from, as long as you can speak English fluently, we’ll have you on our team).

Must be able to keep up to deadlines and won’t be lazy (We’ve had a number of writers in the past that have forgotten to had in any articles for months due to not checking their email address!)

Must have a passion for writing! Whether its reviews, short stories or serialized stories, poems or just articles in general! You must be able to keep up to date and produce at least one article for which ever job you apply for with us.


If you want to get your voice heard, fill in the application/contact form below!


Before applying please read our No Go policy (This is a list of topics which are banned from our publications and websites.)

Thank you.


Our No Go Policy:

Any articles with these topics within it will NOT be published.

  • Hate towards a direct religion or generalization.
  • Hate towards an Ethnicity, Race or Gender.
  • Hate towards the LGBT Community.
  • Hate towards disabled and mental illness sufferers.

We want everyone to have freedom of speech! However, the list above stands as a guideline because we also believe in personal choice and a safe place for no one to be pre-judged.

This organization is here to defend the people that need defending, raise money for those in need and to give a save and loving environment to all the people in need of help, advise and guidance.

We are a community of hope, help and overall, Love.


If you have any problems with this, please email us at live.love.laugh.magazine@gmail.com to tell you why they should not be excluded and why we shouldn’t call you a bigot for it.

Thank you.