Live Love LaughHello and Welcome to the community of Live Love Laugh Ranting.

We’re a non-profit organisation, situated in the UK, that is here to provide help, friendship and a judgement-free zone for everyone!

What we offer:

  • Friendship – our workers are always willing to talk to you. Some have their own LLLRanting email, some don’t, but we can offer a way for you to contact any of us. Whether it be by Email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or by using the comments section.
  • Advice – You can get advice from almost everyone. However, not everyone’s advice will help you. Depending on what you are experiencing, we will be able to suit you with a specific writer in order to get you the best advice! This is due to our writers having a wide range of experience, from abuse to rape, depression to bipolar.
  • Help – We will find the best way to help you if you suffer from Anxiety it may be that we talk by written communication for a few days before moving on to using Skype to talk verbally.

We will help you in any way you want and need as long as it is possible for us.

For those who just need a way to occupy their minds in order to not feel lonely, without feeling up to having a conversation, we have tonnes of content available weekly, and week-daily! With content going up on our blog (almost) daily, and our weekly podcast, talking about the news and experiences. We provide all we can, including opportunities to win prizes (prizes such as: Gaming Sessions, blog features, guest hosting a podcast, video games.) and an opportunity to meet new people who have had similar experiences and can help you.

Castiel started this organisation to help people, to stop them from feeling alone in the dark times like she did when she had to find the light in the tunnel without a helping hand. She brought us, the LLLRanting team, together and made us a family to help as many people as we can, to protect them from others and themselves.

Don’t suffer in silence.

If you have any questions about what and/or who we are, that this introduction hasn’t covered, feel free to email us at

Take Care!


The Live Love Laugh Ranting Family ♥

Click the cover for our Information Pack
Click the cover for our Information Pack