Live Love Laugh Ranting has existed since January 31st, 2012.
It’s officially been seven years since we began. But, unfortunately, I can’t afford to keep the site up and running.
Very soon, this site will no longer exist – will be removed and it will be replaced by
The site will still be up, but it won’t be under the domain we’d want to keep it on.
The site will most likely be untouched for a time, or indefinitely – I’m working on my projects but without support, there isn’t much I can do to keep the site afloat.
I’m sorry. It’s disappointing and it hurts.
It’s upsetting that what I was trying to do, to help people, couldn’t be fulfilled simply due to the lack of people to help me with it.
But, I’ll leave you all with this – if you need me, you can still reach out. I will still receive messages from the site, I will still reply. It just won’t be as up to date with content – as you’ve seen due to the almost year of absence.
Thank you for all your support and love over the past seven years.
Have a lovely day,
Castiel Gutierrez