Life's Like Lemons

Dear, Friends

Sites always begin with a post stating The Journey Begins. But in reality, the journey started months ago, but I decided to actually comment on the fact I haven’t procrastinated for a while – leading to a book release.

Life’s Like Lemons is my newest book. It’s not my longest book, but it’s one I feel needs to be out there.

However, I will warn you – if you can’t handle talk of abuse, you’re upset by abandonment – I recommend not reading. I don’t want to cause anyone to feel upset or any memories to come back – trust me, I know how that feels.

I’m setting up a schedule for myself – every few days I will be updating you with music I’ve been listening to, things I’ve been thinking about, hints and sneak peeks of the book.

Eventually, when the cover is finished (my artist…

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