Sometimes, it’s hard to figure stuff out…the only thing set in stone is the past, you never know what you’re doing in the future and plans never survive first contact…with anything.

Life before my family moved to the UK was…easy, I guess. I was young, or younger, and naïve…there wasn’t much I had to put a lot of effort into and having never traveled outside of New Zealand, I guess I had an idealistic, somewhat unrealistic, dream/view of what life was going to be like in England; needless to say, I was quite quickly disabused of that notion and the rose-coloured lenses on my view of the world were harshly ripped from me.

There are, of course, good things that come with the bad but for the most part, my family has had a lot of bad luck since my mother bought mine, my sister’s and her plane tickets…I don’t blame mum for anything though because I know she did what she thought was best for us at that point in time. I am grateful for being able to see my grandparents again.

With everything that’s been going on, I hope we get some good luck soon…we need it.

Take care, lovelies…

Kyrena Lynch x