I wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to attend pride this year due to sickness. However, from what I’ve seen and what I’ve been told, and what has been shared on social media – it was a blast.

With the Terfs that lead London Pride this year, who clearly don’t understand what the LGBT+ stands for (not the acronym, the community).

But, Leeds Pride is all about inclusion – which is why Non-Binary and Trans people lead the parade.

It looked amazing, having so many gender variant flags flying this pride. It was only a couple years ago when the lack of gender flags shuck me.

The day itself went off without an issue, it was the social media presence that was the biggest problem. The West Yorkshire Police shared pictures of their officers dressed for Pride – with face paint on and rainbows on their uniforms.

So, why is this such a bad thing? It wasn’t. These officers were at Pride voluntarily, protecting Pride and the community. I know a lot of people, specifically in America keeps saying that Police officers shouldn’t be at Pride while in uniform, but when you don’t have officers there, there is no guarantee of safety, and we need that. Once again, the UK has it right – instead of forcing possible Homophobic and Transphobic police officers to work Pride, get LGBT+ and Allies to volunteer for it!

But the straight public didn’t take it like this. They saw 40 police officers in Pride getup and assumed they were getting paid, wasting funding, and instantly being homophobic morons. Which, personally, I think is hilarious! There were 40 volunteers that had to safeguard over three thousand people… Which is nothing in comparison to the funding that the police waste every year having to safeguards tens of thousands at Football games.

Tell me again why 40 police officers aren’t allowed at Pride, and that it’s wasting funding… When we sent police officers to Russia for the world cup, knowing that our fans trash everything.

Don’t say you’re not homophobic, because you clearly are.