I went to see Love, Simon. And I think I may Love Simon…

Before reading, watch the trailer:


I’m not going to spoil the plot for you, because there is no need.

But, I’m going to say a few things, mainly based on what is in the trailer – because its virtually impossible to ignore that trailer – it is everywhere.

So, let me dissect it a little for you before we get into my general opinion of the film:

  1. I’m just like everyone else (says the kid who got a car given to him for his birthday, lives in a massive house with a balcony and has a bed that fits in a massive alcove)… Simon, you’re not like everyone else, trust me… You’re fucking lucky… His parents are also very relaxed and liberal (Exibhit A: *Teenager comes home drunk* – Parents: Should we be mad? Nah.)
  2. Now, another thing: he’s so fucking relatable… “I LIKE YOU! Oh, wait, I said that aloud… Shit… *headbutts stirring wheel*.
  3. “These last few years, it’s like I can feel you holding your breath”. This is an accurate representation of how it feels when attempting to stay in the closet.

Now, other than that – I want to give you a somewhat rundown of the film.

Simon gets into a pickle, finds a guy who is also gay in his school – somewhat falls for him, and a lot of fuckery happens in between times.

It’s something that I’ve been through, and a few others have been through, and I know a lot of the LGBT+ community has either gone through it, are going through it, or will go through it.

The film is mostly about having your moment taken away from you.

And I will warn you now, you will cry – because I had a low EQ on the day of going to watch the film, and I can honestly say… I cried like a baby.

I can’t wait to watch it again and buy it on DVD.

It is, honestly, one of the best movies I have watched in the past year of my life.

But, now, to get extremely annoyed.

Showing of Love, Simon is limited. It’s been showing twice a day at my local cinema while other films are showing five to eight times a day. A lot of people are going to argue with me over this because I know it’s coming, but the fact that a film has been made of a Gay love story with it being so damn relatable – it’s being censored. The scheduling times for the film is stupid. If you’d wanted to go see it during the day, it wouldn’t happen. It doesn’t start showing until 6pm in Wakefield, UK – why? I have no idea. But the second showing is around 8pm. Then, that’s it until the following day.

Are they doing it because they don’t think people are going to want to see it, so they’re packing people into the cinema like sardines? Or are they just limiting the people who can see it? Or do they think every LGBT+ person is a vampire who can only come out of their caves for a gay film on an evening?

I have no idea the reasoning for the lacking of shows, and the limiting hours, but it’s got to do with how influential the film is.

So, if you’re going to go see it, and the times at your cinema is similar to mine – with it only playing on an evening after the poor, innocent-minded children have gone to bed, ask the cinema staff why it’s being played so late. Because, I don’t know about you – but I think it’s their idea of hiding the amazingness of this film from being shown to young teens.

The film is a 12A in age rating, so why it’s being hidden, I have no idea.

But there you go, that’s my 2c.