I’ve been wearing Hell Bunny clothing for about a decade now. The first thing I got was a Black Widow Dress, which I still own. Now, I have a Two Vixen dresses, a Vixen skirt and a Unicorn Zombie dress.

However, I’ve been wanting to get more… Anything Punk/Goth – because that’s how I am. So, I started searching around eBay.

And yesterday two dresses arrived. One which I got for £5 instead of £40 and another that I got for £21 instead of £60. Both of them are pre-owned, but one has only been worn once or twice and the other still has the labels attached.

Therefore, I have a new alternative clothing tip: eBay auctions are our friends. Know the item, know how much the RRP is, buy it for a third or half the price, nothing more.

Happy Hunting.