It’s simple really – whenever you eat something, make sure to have two vegetables or fruits.

A really simple one, for me, is Salmon on a bed of rice, with veggies.

And it doesn’t have to be a gruelling task of cooking for 30 minutes. It can be as simple as 10.

I buy Salmon, frozen, from Lidl. It’s fresh, frozen, and boneless. You steam it in a pan with a tiny bit of water for around 5 minutes and add it to whatever you want.

For me, I do a steam bag of vegetables in the microwave (3 minutes) while the water is heating in the pan. Then, add the salmon to the pan, steam it for 5 minutes while I put a bag of rice in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Finish up by putting it all on a plate with some black pepper and salt.


Don’t make excuses, take care of yourself.