Today, we are in mourning. A great man has passed.
Stephen Hawking was a man of many talents – one of which was defying the odds and living as long as he did.
He was amazing and overall incredible. Yet, the media have been somewhat unforgiving.

Example of their ignorance and cruelty can be seen across the web – they say he was confined to his chair, that he was trapped, and that he had motor neuron disease.
The issue? They’re focusing more on his disabilities than his success.
Hawking was a man of talent, yet all they can see is a chair.

But, the fact of the matter is – is that his chair didn’t confine him, it didn’t trap him – it gave him freedom. He moved freely, without the assistance of another person. He wasn’t shackled down.

He is free now, just as he was free before.
The only thing is, now he can go among the stars – as what humans are – stardust.