So I had my eyes tested today…bright lights shining in your eyes and fuzzy or sometimes clear letters in ever decreasing sizes. My test wasn’t so bad, and after years of wearing glasses, I’ve just kind of resigned myself to the twenty-minute tests every two years; I wish they’d come up with another method for testing a person’s vision. My only other complaint is…why are glasses so damned expensive?! I’m lucky I had a coupon for a free eye test, or I wouldn’t have even been able to afford that at this point in time, due to being out of work.

Anyway, over the last couple of days, I’ve been going over cost for new glasses (frames and lens packages since the lenses themselves are actually free; I’d be royally pissed off if I had to pay for those too) with three different providers; Glasses Direct, Specsavers and Boots (where I had my test done…usually I go to Specsavers because in NZ they’re the cheapest). My current pair of glasses cost me around $350NZD which is roughly £180GBP give or take a few pounds…and that’s just for one pair of single vision lenses with an ultra-thin/ultra-light package. If I found a pair of glasses I liked with Specsavers here in the UK it’d probably cost around about the same; Boots would cost me £190GBP or £240GBP depending on what lens package I picked; my favourite, however, is if I choose Glasses Direct.

Glasses Direct would give me two pairs of glasses, if I did their 2 for 1 @ £49GBP deal (anything under £49GBP would be free with the exception of their lens package), for roughly £140.95GBP…this includes:

1 Pair of glasses at £49GBP
1 Pair of glasses FREE (under £49GBP)
2 Lens Packages (in this case I’m going for the Platinum package which is £118GBP or £59GBP for each pair of glasses)
And postage at £3.95

Their Platinum package includes: extra thin lenses 1.67, scratch resistance, anti-reflection and anti-UV.

That’s not even taking into account the discount I can apply (2 from £19GBP) which takes off another £30GBP on top of the free pair of glasses I get under their 2 for 1 £49GBP deal (in which case, I picked a pair that was £20GBP). As you can see, I’m highly in favour of Glasses Direct…even better, is that they offer a 7 day FREE home trial so you can try four different pairs of frames at a time in the comfort of your own home; however, if you break them or don’t send them back within those 7 days, they’ll deduct the cost from your bank account (which you have to add before you order your home trial…for the love of the Universe, please read the T&Cs) which I think is fair enough.

My dad thinks it’s expensive when I put it into NZD but honestly, compared to what I’ve spent in previous years on new glasses…it’s really not. I mean, one time when I was still dependant on my father to buy me new glasses it cost him over $500NZD…£140.95GBP is only $268.65NZD, and I checked that using the most accurate exchange rate website I know (

So yeah…glasses are expensive, and I hate it, but I can’t afford laser eye surgery, nor do I want it, and I seriously don’t like the idea of using contacts. I wish someone would hurry up and create auto-adjusting lenses that’ll update their prescription slowly as your eyesight gets worse and lasts for up to about five years at a time and perhaps even records the last prescription it changed to before they needed replacing to make the optometrists/opticians job easier; I mean, we have prescription goggles! So why not go that one step further? You’d have a lot of grateful people who need glasses, especially the poorer people who can’t always afford new lenses. Of course, as kids are constantly growing, it makes sense to only have the auto-adjusting prescription lenses available to those over the age of eighteen.

Anyway, I think I’ve gone on long enough…take care!

Kyrena x