SPOILERS! Haven’t played it? Don’t want it to be ruined for you? LOOK AWAY NOW!










Now, let’s get to it. I’ll do it in episodes, so you can read so far – just in case you’ve done most of the game but not all of it. I don’t want to spoil anything for you. So, here we go:



Episode One:

Episode one was just how it had to be, it showed you the mechanics of the game but kept it amusing because we all know Chloe is a comedian… A shit comedian, but a comedian no less!

We met everyone in the first episode, or at least everyone we needed to know. We saw Drew kicking Nathan’s ass outside; we met Sheldon and his side bitch (the guy that was more interested in egging Sheldon on than actually helping Sheldon beat up Chloe); we also see Damon, but we don’t really get forced into interacting with him; we see Frank – of course; we meet Lauren, Eliot, Steph, and Mickey.

The game sets us up, giving us knowledge of what every character is like so that we can choose to do one thing or another.

The important part of this chapter of the game is what they see and do in the park. Rachel discovers that her father has been cheating on her mother, and in a fit of anger, she burns down the forest surrounding the town.

The episode was fun to play but didn’t get emotional to the end. It was two hours of fooling around and getting to grips with the game, which is unfortunate because I think they could have done more with the first episode considering it is a sequel. However, if you’re playing it the other way around – this being the first game and the first being the second (playing them in chronological order), then it works perfectly!



Episode Two:

Guess who gets kicked out of Blackwell? Chloe, of course. However, there are different outcomes because other than getting kicked out – Rachel can also get kicked out of the play. Luckily, on my playthrough, I knew how to avoid it – take all the blame.

Other than that, you also get forced into stealing Drew’s money… Which you can then choose whether or not to give it back to him. Personally, after allowing his Football career to end, I decided to give the money back. They needed it more than Chloe did, in my eyes. But that’s up to you.

You then end up being a part of the play, and yes – you can forget your lines and fuck up.

Once that was over, you end up having to go to dinner with the Amber’s, and you disclose that James has been seeing another woman…

This episode was more Life is Strange than the first episode. This one had the drama and the comedy that the original game had, and that’s what I was looking forward to.

On the way home from the play, you also get the chance to choose whether or not Rachel and Chloe kiss – personally, I opted for the kiss. It’s not a sexualised moment; it’s very romantic and lovely. So, thanks, Devs – from a Pan human, I appreciate the opportunity not to be pushed into a hetero relationship.



Episode Three:

This contains spoilers for the first game, so if you’re playing it chronologically, play the first game before reading this.

All hell broke loose. You find out that Sera is Rachel’s biological mother and that she’s a lovely human being, and that James – Rachel’s father – is a fucking cunt. But hey, what did you expect from a politician?

James has been working with Damon – the drug dealer who runs all the drug rings in the town – and of course, naturally, he lets this guy roam free.

When trying to contact Sera – Chloe talks to Frank, but Frank brings Damon to their meeting. Rachel attacks Damon, and in retaliation gets stabbed by Damon. Frank holds Damon back from the girls so that they can get away, but gets stabbed in the struggle.

Rachel is taken to hospital by Chloe, and luckily – survives.

When Rachel wakes up, she asks Chloe to find Sera – still wanting to contact her mother.

Chloe finds that James had been paying Damon off to kidnap and drug Sera. In my playthrough, I didn’t succeed in saving Sera from being drugged but found out later that there was a way for Rachel to meet her mother… I was not impressed.

Sera begs you not to tell Rachel about what her father had done… But of course I did, he fucking deserved it.

Overall, the episode was a rollercoaster ride of hell. The story was amazing, but also depressing. I went through an entire box of tissues.

I loved it; it was everything that I needed. And, it was everything this game deserved. The ending was superb. However, I just wished I hadn’t waited to see the end of credits scene… Of Chloe trying to call her girlfriend as Nathan was taking photographs of a naked, dead Rachel…

My issue with making a choice based video game, with it being a pre-sequel, is that I know what’s going to happen to my favourite couple… And I know how harsh Rachel’s portrayal is in the first game.

Rachel was a cheat – not because of love or sex, but more because of fascination. Her fascination, and Nathan’s, is basically what lead to her death. And it makes me sad.

No matter what you choose in this game, you will always land Rachel on Nathan’s bed after being drugged because of Jefferson.

She was an amazing character, and it’s sad that we lost her and her relationship with Chloe so soon. But, I hope that we see more of Chloe and Max.


I haven’t played the Farewell episode yet, but I will get around to it. Luckily, because of my obsession with figurines, I ordered the Limited Edition version of the game – so the soundtrack, figurines, and the bonus content is mine! All for the low price of £35… It was totally worth it!


If you’re interested in buying the game, click here.

If you’ve already played it, and got Sera to meet Rachel – you’re a fucking superstar!


Have an awesome day everyone.