It often irritates me when an LGBT+ game comes out – not because it’s LGBT+, but because of the people who are extremely anti-LGBT taking offence.

Life is Strange: Before The Storm arrived Friday, it’s a game I’ve been anticipating because I love Lesbian relationships in video games – there aren’t enough Gay/Lesbian relationships in the video game world. And I’m not talking about the incredibly sexualised relationships like those in Mass Effect and Dragon’s Age – although both franchises are fantastic for the LGBT+ community, nothing can beat Life is Strange, for me.

In the first game, you have Max and Chloe – two characters who can basically choose whether or not you want them to kiss or not. They have chemistry, and whether that becomes romantic or stays platonic is dependant on what you choose to do.

In the second game, which is a pre-sequel, it’s the same scenario. You can choose for Chloe to feel more for Rachel, you can choose for them to kiss, but there is no other romance aspect to the game other than Rachel. She is your only love interest, similar to Max in the first game.

So, you can choose to have a Lesbian romance or a romance-free game. But, there’s a lot of butthurt people screaming about being forced into a relationship. However, as I just said – you’re not forced into it. Therefore, you can choose to avoid it.

But people are literally getting annoyed over a game forcing you into a relationship with a specific person… Not like any other game ever where the protagonist is one sex and the love interest is the opposite, right?

My question is: why do straight people have the need to comment on an LGBT+ video game being forced yet we’re not allowed to be irritated by the gaming industry pumping out yet another heterosexual, cisgender romance?

I don’t often complain about games, because – well – that’s someone’s creation. When you create something, you usually have a reason to create it that way. But hey, I’m not going to complain about Geralt not being into dudes in The Witcher, or how Jill Valentine often seems to be more interested about Chris Redfield than Claire (I think Claire’s attractive, get over it)… However, why do we have to deal with the overly heterosexual relationships but get a tone of shit for having a game with a single Lesbian kiss (that you can choose not to do!)?

I don’t know what the problem is, or why the problem even exists in 2018… But, it’s happening and I don’t appreciate it.



I’ll be posting my review tomorrow, Sunday 11th March 2018.