I love watching films, as do millions of people. But for some reason, it seems like having a disability means that you can’t enjoy them – at least, that’s what movie makers are suggesting.

In a cinema – if you’re blind – you can get audio description headsets; if you’re hypersensitive Autistic, there are noise cancelling, quiet headphones and special screenings.

For deaf people, there’s nothing – which is pathetic, because we use subtitles all the time!

For some reason, people don’t put subtitles on their films in the cinema, and overall – that’s a form of discrimination; why should someone who cannot hear have to sit out of all the fun because there are no subtitles?

Subtitles should be on EVERYTHING! They’re not a distraction, they’re a support.

What the video below, and feel the heartache of this gentleman and a deaf young girl in the movie-making industry: