I was so happy when I saw a Gender Free advert by River Island, I thought the store was doing something right.

Here’s the advert:

But trust me, they’re really not Gender Free.

It gave me so much hope when I initially saw it but as soon as I went to their website… I was immediately disappointed.

Not only are they not doing Gender Free clothing, but they are still forcing people into Binary Boxes.

Like, I’m not saying they should only create Gender Free clothing. But for the people who don’t want to shop in the Men’s or Women’s Sections – it’s a dick move.

So, other than the advert, there was also these images on their website:


They’re trying to make everyone drop Gender Labels… Even though, we shouldn’t have to – because we needed to make them in the first place, because of similar people.



But, it’s not. The concept is there, but they haven’t done anything with it.



They’re raising money for a Charity that has made some questionable comments in the past…



They’re using a movement to sell their merch – £3 to a charity for a shirt that costs £18+? They’re not that expensive to make…




And here it is! The most prominent punch in the face! “Gender Free – Do Not Define, Best Kept Fluid”? FUCKING WHERE? This is literally the epitome of defining gender, this is what everyone does – these are the Binary Boxes that Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Non-Binary people don’t want to be a part of. It’s the opposite of keeping it fluid. What would have made this acceptable, maybe, is to have a third category called Gender Free – like your advert suggested there would be. But no, you thought forcing people to shop in Men’s or Women’s would have been a better fucking idea. Well, just to let you know – it’s not, it’s really not. It’s degrading, pathetic, dehumanising, and invalidating. Nice to know we’re just a marketing ploy to sell your clothes.



Fuck you, River Island.